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First time Stories

first time

Whew, what a scorcher!

The heat was almost unbearable, reaching thirty-five degrees. Thank goodness for air-conditioning!

Not so very many years ago, I decided it was time for a change of holiday destination. Every December, for the past fifteen years, we had flown to Munich for the Christmas markets. How I love those visits. For the summer holidays, however, we always staye...

Love Of A Lifetime

Forever love is more than a dream

She searched all over for the love she read about A fairytale A Romeo and Juliet One in a million kind of love  Then out of nowhere He walked into her life He was like a modern-day knight in shining armor They were smitten from the word go  There were fir...

I gaze into blue depths as your fingertips run lightly down my cheek. Gently, I grasp your wrist, turn your hand, and kiss the palm, still looking into your eyes. You sigh, eyelids descending. “Hmm,” you whisper, “I feel I’ve been waiting a lifetime for t...

My Everything

First time I met a gift from above, my Mary

They say everything happens for a reasonI say they do, but I always forgetI thought I was destined for sadnessThat happiness will never be trueTill that day I first met youWe met in a room by chanceI was there alone, hurt and soreFrom the past that kept o...

First Poem

The description about the first poetry I wrote

The first poem I wrote;Poem with scattered ideasThought it was the best,for a childlike brain to make;but still a lot to work on.

My First Time

A poem about my first time.

I was nervous, As you might expect. When he reached for me I was shaking. I wanted to back out, But he wouldn't let me. He, being a man, Wanted me to do it. Needed me to do it. Deep down, where my passion Lies, I wanted it too. All he had to do was Gently...