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"Relantionship; Post-Trauma"

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I open my eyes to the harsh sunlight, proudly beaming through my window

It doesn't cleanse away the dread or mundane sorrow

Pushing greasy hair away from my face

Walk out the door, down the steps, repressing my failure to communicate

From down the street, you call my name, but in my daze, it's distorted

As I approach closer to you, a grin sprawls across your face

I force myself to replicate it, but I can't hide where my mind goes;

Panic, sirens and high alert

I know it's not a malicious gesture but my eyes see you with fangs, claws and oozing boils

A hideous creature living among mortals

For I have seen the same beasts with same hidden intent

I've heard the same promises of patience turn into violence

Sometimes my mind will allow you to switch back to your original state

Where you are human, a simple man

A man with hopes and fears just like any other

Though the closer I approach you the more the fear rises

My heart pounds, loud and with rigor

Trembling drenched in sweat

Your teeth are sharp, deadly

Somehow you take over

I am a flee bracing to be trampled

The world seems to whirl around me 

Fear controlling me

"How are you," your voice booms and echo's

It's deafening

Averting my eyes from your red-eyed gaze

Trying to see man but not the beast

Forcing the man to return to me

I find strength to look into your eyes

Attempting to find the softness, I know you are in there

I am lost, and you are gone, left alone with this fiend

I feel your paw on the small of my back

You could snap me in two, crush my spine, rip out my lungs

Claws digging into my side, tar enveloping my senses

I want to run away, scream out for help

They don't see you like I do

For you are no monster, you are but a man in love

And that is mortifying

Written by SilverJaye
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