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I Asked Them Not To Touch Me

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

My midwife first came to meand I asked for her, not to touch me.For I had recently been examined on admissionand I was progressing as would be expected,for someone whose rhythms had been disruptedby the discomfort of driving to the hospital, and the cold,...

And in this labyrinthThe hallways, they echoed and groanedCreatures that lurk in the darkThey keep watching, watching me drownWhy are they talking to me?What does it mean, who should I be?I think I’m paranoidMy hands are too shaky to holdI try real hard b...


To Purge

With grief comes trauma and then the purge

  Shock rushes through your very bones  To rise and fall like waves of a restless sea  Plunging your heart deep into the cavity of an abyss  Where all those go – that are amiss   You succumb to feeling numb  The present now out of place  No trace  No hint...

If you embrassed my heart, It wouldn't shatterIf you caressed my essence,It wouldn't splatter  Broken; Am I no longer I've learned to live darknessDays pass as I grow strongerI am comforted by my own stillness  Resilence with styleHumored with a sharp ton...

Beware of Barefooting: a cautionary tale

About the close encounter of the worst kind between my bare foot and a pile of chicken manure

Over on a web site for the blind I often infest, someone said the recently passed first day of May, in addition to being May Day and Beltane, had also been something called ‘Barefoot Day’. To this I felt compelled to reply as follows, sort of:As for that...

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