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Day and Night We Chase

"What happens when they meet ..."
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Published 10 years ago

And so it happened one day,

that my heart led me astray.

I fell into the pools of darkness,

and discovered how I missed the light of the day.

And there from the darkness I looked above,

to see the 'ONE' lost in thought,

for he was wondering what to do,

with foolish me wandering about.

And it was then that he stooped low,

to my surprise, saluted me and gave me a bow.

Said he never saw something like me,

that made him sway between tears and glee.

And then he carried me in his arms,

all the while with blood running warm,

as he walked the miles on the thorns.

Across his face I saw a fear,

and it was unlike him I swear.

He laid me in the light,

kissed me 'darling goodbye',

and without turning or looking back twice,

he bade me farewell,

and walked back into the darkness of the night.

Never did I see him again,

and felt his warmth giving me strength.

But I do believe he will come one day,

and walk beside me in the light of the day.

Till then this story awaits..

a new beginning after the 'end of days'.

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