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Juno Beach - Now and Then

Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy. August 2018

  I sit on the beach, absently raking fingertips through the warm sand while listening to the cheerful clamour all around. My fellow holidaymakers laugh, squeal, shout to one another, their shrill cries mingling with the raucous shrieks of the gulls wheel...


And, who shall save you?

He wants to save me  With his sweetness  Envelope me  In the warmth of his love  He sees a bird, rare  A broken wing  A hidden spirit  Lost  In the fear of flight With his prayers And the touch of his hands  An infusion of his spirit  The curve of his smi...

I wait and I wait for a message from you, Though I know that you're busy, you've got stuff to do. You might be out of sight but you're way on my mind And I try to be generous, not to think you unkind.~o~ I glance at my watch, I'm still here all alone. I k...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 33

The image in the stone reveals a lost piece of Demi's heritage. But is it past or future?

Chapter 33 A Message To Decode “Why?” I ask, perplexed. “We’re almost out of the planet. It will be allright!” This is where I hear a loud thud, and we all fall on the floor. I hit my head on a wall, and get up slowly. Immaul is the only one who did not f...

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The Sacrifice

To save the many...

Do I or don’t I?The spirits beg of me:Won’t I?If I knew what it was,I was supposed to do,I’d do itand be done with it.The Spirits begin to waken,I feel them:Writhing, guiding me...Make it stop! Oh God,I beg of thee!MAKE IT STOP!The horror, the bloodshed,t...