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Forgotten Magic

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Published 8 years ago
Where has all the magic gone?

Hearts that shatter and fall.

When the future disappears in a shroud of smoke

Lost to eyes that once saw it so clearly.

Where has all the wonder gone?

Souls that fade away.

Life that meanders and laughs

At the sad little twist it has.

I sat upon the mountain,

Breathless from the climb

And laughed at the wonder of the world

Now I sit amongst the many masses

Breathless from the tears

As I lament the loss of my magic.

When did my heart forget to fly?

Wings clipped and caged like a bird

Longing for the sky

But set upon a perch that

Tethers it down and keeps it trapped.

When did I forget to turn my face into the sunlight

And simply melt away in the liquid light,

Lose my inhibition in the waves of ambient colour

And let my spirit dance upon the wind,

Laughter ringing out in joyous abandon,

At the simple beauty that is life.

But no, the forgotten magic,

Lingers as a memory to torment and tease

And dulls the day

As the lustre fails

And I wonder again,

When did I forget to simply be


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