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Published 3 years ago

The love we let subside,

the fear we try to so hard to hide,

the hopes we dare not speak,

and the nightmares we keep alive


Whether it's depression's blight,

jealousy's sabotaging bite,

or simple resentment and spite,

all act as condemnations for the self


A host of symptoms that serve to bind,

we give into loneliness and despair,

pop the pills we are prescribed,

or simply pretend that we're alright


We cower behind whatever disguise,

bury the truth and live the lie,

hoping we can somehow soar,

while blind with our closed eyes


All the while our demons bide,

dancing on our future graves,

until our time draws nigh,

and our demons cackle in delight


They feast in the hells in our minds,

on the very thoughts we provide,

food for the darkened beings,

we bring about our own demise


Because there's a truth that we deny,

a scary thought we push aside,

the one thing we refuse to face,

we are our own drawn-out suicide


We build the walls that trap and confine,

we feed the demons' strength and might,

we let the darkened thoughts control,

and we are the terrifying fright


There's no outer light that can shine,

and pierce the darkness of our night,

nobody can save us from ourselves,

there is no savior found outside


But there is a salvation in sight,

it comes only from the inside,

that power is ours and ours alone,

but only if we decide

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