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Let Me Love You Just The Way You Are

"A poem dedicated to people whom I love because they love me."

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Let Me Love You the Way You Are

By Captain Midnight
Based on the song “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel
For Hotstuff and for three other women not here. I love you all.

Oh …

There are people

Who love to judge us

Based on what we’ve done

So far …

Mm mm mm mm mm

Tabloid photogs

With long lenses
Watch every beach,
Yacht, suite and bar …

Public figures
Fill the pages
Of each page devoted
To a star …

It’s a trade-off,
Instead of albums,
Stars’ kids collect their
Tabloid picture ‘zines!

Read by people
Perhaps in frustration,
That their own lives aren’t worth

What do you think

When they let their
Guard down …
Eternal scrutiny is the price of fame …

Topless beaches,
Starkers billiards,
Take a royal
Walk of shame!

So …
Public figures
Hire image consultants,
God forbid
Anyone should know …

They were born human,
And think as people
From motives
High and low …

Who do they talk to
When out of makeup?
Do they have to be a star?

Mm mm mm mm mm …

Are they human
Do people really
Care for them
Just the way you are?

(16-bar harmonica solo)

Ahhh …

What does it take
For you to see
In me
The man behind the
Loopy mask …

How do you find out how
To know me
From the questions
That I ask?

You may
Have a reputation
That gives you frustration
Based on how you
Choose to live,

Mm mm mm mm mm …

But here you’re someone
I love to talk to
Based on the love you
Have to give …


Breach of morals
Is so subjective …
“But what will Mrs.
Grundy say?”

Mm mm mm mm mm …

But is there someone
Who runs to hug you,
Love you each and
Every day?

Love forever,
An extravagant wish
Best taken in portions
Large or small …

Mm mm mm mm mm …

If it’s broken
Pick up the pieces
And store them up
‘Til the next call …

Falling in love
Is fraught with frustration
What if they don’t
Feel the same?

Mm mm mm mm mm …

Say if they love you
The rest of their life,
But they’re compelled to
Play a game …

Or …

If they love you
But they love another
Or many people
Ahead of you ….

Mm mm mm mm mm …

The tears you’ll shed
Are too familiar …
A variation
On honey dew …

(Sax solo, 16 bars)

Just don’t forget that
There will always be
Someone looking for
One like you …


What does it take
For you
To see
Even apart I love you true?


I’ll say I love you,
So all can hear me,
Knowing we’ll never go
Too far …

Mm mm mm mm mm …

Whatever you’ve been,
Whatever you’ll be …
Please let me love you

Written by midnightraider61
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