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Famous! And yet...

Thousands waiting... for ME!

Today, like many others, I am expected. Not just by one but by many. In towns and cities across the land, They wait for me and pay a pretty penny. They know what time to expect me, If I am late they get mad, check the time, They don't want to wait and whe...

Let Me Love You Just The Way You Are

A poem dedicated to people whom I love because they love me.

Let Me Love You the Way You Are By Captain Midnight Based on the song “Just the Way You Are” by Billy JoelFor Hotstuff and for three other women not here. I love you all. Oh … There are people Who love to judge us Based on what we’ve done So far … Mm mm m...

Spice Dream

Just chillin' with the band

I woke this morning from a dream I was Having a slumber-party with theSpice Girls.They were sitting on the bed (someGargantuan construction INever slept in) and I wasFiddling with a boom-boxBeside the bed, playingTheir third album, the oneThat kinda flopp...