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Believing Stories


My Papa told me long ago You can see the wind by the moving leaves The weeping of angels  When it rains The singing of birds How they welcome the day Things are visible If one looks hard enough To look deep inside of another heart To hear the love in a vo...

Fairy Rings

Little girl finds out if Fairies are real

Adele was a bright and inquisitive child for only 8 years old. She loved to visit with her grandparents during the summer. Her grandfather would take her for long walks in the woods behind his house. He would explain to her the mysteries of the woods. Sho...

Let Me Love You Just The Way You Are

A poem dedicated to people whom I love because they love me.

Let Me Love You the Way You Are By Captain Midnight Based on the song “Just the Way You Are” by Billy JoelFor Hotstuff and for three other women not here. I love you all. Oh … There are people Who love to judge us Based on what we’ve done So far … Mm mm m...