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Humanity Stories


Porcupine’s Gift

In which Girl realizes the import of the quill Porcupine gave her.

~~~~~~~ Previously Girl carefully put two fingers on the porcupine quill she had selected and gently pulled on it. It didn't move at first, then slowly, like from a bottle of molasses, came free. Girl held it up. "I have it, Madam. Now what?" "Why scratch...

As I live and breathe, so do these animals and trees. Now I perform a palm read, on the veins of these leaves. And it will tell me, the wrongs of my breed.I can hear her soul, she cries for me to aid her. But our kind is convinced, we are the single child...

Clarion's Walk

a few years from now an AI specialist comes to terms with a new assignment and building a family

The letter finally came.I opened the envelope, unfolding the creases of the thick parchment paper.I scanned with bated breath.‘2020 Sapien Collective…..Congratulations, Clarion Greene….’Seventy-two brilliant minds from around the world brought together on...

The ABC’s of Humanity

Written for an ABC poetry contest. A poem about being human.

A society without a conscienceBereft of a moral compassCaring not for those who need helpDenying the humanity of its citizensEventually will be consumed by the dark.Fear will prevail.Good will succumb to itHope will be forever lostIgnominious transformati...

The sounds of night darkness calling the sparkling specks of light in the sky twinkling a silent message of millennia gone and only centuries to come by their dwindling light In cities human-crafted plastic replacing stars blotting them out clotting the b...

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Let Me Love You Just The Way You Are

A poem dedicated to people whom I love because they love me.

Let Me Love You the Way You Are By Captain Midnight Based on the song “Just the Way You Are” by Billy JoelFor Hotstuff and for three other women not here. I love you all. Oh … There are people Who love to judge us Based on what we’ve done So far … Mm mm m...

Manny’s Moon

A summer getaway becomes so much more. (What I would have entered in the contest if eligible.)

2012, All Rights Reserved “I’m deserting you for a while,” Eve said. “I’m going shopping today. Tell me that you’ll miss me. I love it when you tell me that you’ll miss me.” “I’ll miss you,” I responded. “I’ll show you how much when you get back.” Eve smi...

A Man’s Last Smile

A brief encounter between a have and a have-not.

I was walking and saw a homeless man sitting on the street.His shirt and pants were in pretty bad shape, like the unlaced shoes on his feet.He was filthy and he was smelly and he looked like a potential threat.My impulse was to get as far away as I could...