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Magic Of Love

"Picture Prompt One"

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I have a desire for every inch of you.
I need the smell of your breath on my needing lips. 
The taste of you under the covers, 
And I can feel your voice running through every fibre of my being.

It’s the whispering way you tell me you love me that makes me blush.
You know what it does to me, causing you to reel in delight. 
Telling me every chance you get, just to see my redden cheeks.

You feel my heart flutter against your chest,
Hold me close, in your tightest embrace. 
We seek each other, in our needing comfort. 
No one can give us what we need; it’s just you and I.

We watch the magic spill down around us.
It floats down around us; in the dusky mist we lift our arms above us. 
We embrace the magic, the love, the power that it beholds.

Taking the chance, we lean in, our lips meet.
Parting lips, we take it full on, a soft slow kiss begins its dance. 
Our lips play together like one, moving with a hungry need. 
Pulling us closer, we embrace once more.

Your arms around me, mine around you.
We hold each other close the flutter of our beating hearts sync. 
Do you feel that, like I do?

How is it possible, that we found each other?
In this big, huge impossible world, we were able to find one another. 
It seems like the odds are slim to none, but it happened, we have proof. 
Our love shows this, as we stand here, letting the magic invade us.

Swaying bodies, holding close, and our lips still together, we move as one.
We do this dance, one that every couple knows, moving together as one. 
Seems everyone knows this dance, has come across it at least once in their life.

Our love, it’s magic, we can see this. I think others can too.
If they open their eyes, and see as we see. 
They’ll see it too, but for me? All I see is you. 

My eyes set upon you, as though you are the only person in the world.
This is what loves does, I think. It makes us blind to others. 
I’d love to be blind for all others, just to have you. 
Whisper to me, that you feel and want the same with me… 

Written by Poppet
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