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No End

Always together

The togetherness we feel How your heart meets mine I miss you my darling I long to hold you You to feel me when I cry I accept No matter what happens We are stuck like glue I own your heart As you do mine To complete the other Two halves make a whole Soul...


An Echo Rings

A heartbeat can be a story in itself

An echo rings. It is a heartbeat; or maybe two. Shall we guess, or do we know? An echo rings. It’s in my mind; maybe you hear, too? Maybe you hear two? An echo rings. It is there. It is here. It is one. It is our heartbeat; a destined union. An echo rings...

 Before our timeYou were youI was meLittle did we knowThat we were weBefore me knewThen we metNow I am yoursYou are mineI have always beenAnd you have tooNow we are oursJust us two   

I wake to the stillness My eyes still tightly closed I hear the softly humming Of the ac unit close My first though is of you You're very near me I smile as I hear you Making noises as you do The grunts and sounds you make As you settle into slumber Your...

The sound of your heart Is like music to my ears The promise of tomorrow As all our dreams come true The wonder of miracles From the touch of your hands Dreams made of us When our life began When you kneeled down before me And took my hands Kissed them so...

Sharing and caring The good times and bad Holding hands Touching hearts No matter the tears and fears Always together Near or how far apart Rest in my arms My head on your shoulder Our love is true You protecting me And me protecting you

I love you I thank the stars for you at night I thank the first morning light Thank you baby For loving me For giving me meaning And letting me be The best me I can possible be I now have my spirit Coming back I know The passion is strong it moves us so W...

You are my everything As I am to you What we have together is strong I know you feel it too As much as we love No matter what we do The love will be forever more I am certain it is true I would not trade what I have with you For anything my love I am happ...

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two hands to reach for me two arms to hold me close two eyes to watch over me two lips to smile my way two souls that joined together two hearts that became one we are one so beautiful so together so us so forever

Sometimes we are perfect together Other times we are not At times we get each other's jokes Then other times we do not You're like a secret waiting to unfoldYou're an enchanting rose for me to hold Looking into your heart I find Forever I realize just how...

Just Us

Written shortly after meeting someone very special. You know who you are.

When I'm in your tight embraceand between your lips,The world... stops.Nobody else is here. Us.Forever, in sweet stasis.One simple hug, a warm lingering kiss,The world doesn't know, doesn't careHow much I love you,But I care. I love. I kiss. I hug.My pass...

Mere Humans

Encountered another universal truth today

Emotions augment survival. Any intense emotion stems from the desire to rid the self from something else. There is no permanent emotion, only a permanent interest exists. Alas, we are born humans : 'the thinking animal', our innocence is lost when we open...