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Take A Look At Yourself

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If I'd known then what I know now, I'd never have stood beside and taken the vow;

But hindsight is 20/20 and love is blind, the caring facade veiled secrets, well confined; 

You keenly pursued me, and turned on the charm, a well executed plan, meant to disarm;

The sweet talk and flowers had the desired effect, they silenced my doubts and put them in check; 

It wasn't too long till I was wearing your ring, as I planned our nuptials you did nary a thing; 

Shortly after we wed, you could no longer portray the man that I married and the mask fell away; 

My humor and quirks that were once so enchanting you told me you despised them and then began ranting; 

'Bout all of the things that I never did right, nearly every time we spoke it turned into a fight; 

You knew I was independent, yet you tried to hold sway, determined to control me with each passing day; 

Accusations of infidelity in a voice filled with disdain became a litany I heard time and again; 

You knew of my past and made a promise to me, my child and I would never be hurt physically;

Like all else you said, this was just a big lie, I learned this the day you blackened my eye; 

When I told my daughter why this had occurred, she reminded me of the happy years it was just me and her; 

I came to my senses and kicked your ass out the door, we'd had enough of your bullshit, we would take it no more; 

For cheating on you, you said I should feel shame, but it was you all along who was playing that game; 

Then came the day I got a knock on the door, seems you'd left a shirt at the home of the neighborhood whore;

One last thing 'fore I go and I can't make it any clearer,
before you judge others, you should look in the mirror.


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