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Anonymous 3 years ago

She doesn’t know how to save me, And I am so afraid, That my delusional iniquity, Has wages that can’t be paid.   The wages of sin are death I’m told, But I fear that I won’t die, For my sin as I grow old, Is wrapping my truth a...

Anonymous 3 years ago

There's no kisses with the dishes anymore

My future country and western song?

In which I imagine these could be the lyrics of my first country and western song. Enjoy, please!   There’s no kisses with the dishes anymore, No hugs when I am mopping up the floor, She has no feeling for me anymore down below,

GabrielSweet 3 years ago


Things are not always as they appear

    Lifting the receiver she dials, waiting as each ring seems to take an eternity, then he answers. "He doesn't suspect a thing. I promise." "But he seems to look at me like he knows. I keep waiting for him to say something."

Shy away from a temple this morning,I should have known better than to stay,to always breathe in someone else,resting against temperatures made up by another's skin.So I'll take this cure,dream you up in order to cool these...