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Judgement Stories


The Verdict

"It is up to you what does or does not happen."

As I walked into the room it felt as if everyone there turned to watch me. My wife walked alongside me for support, but in her heart, she knew she could not help me. I alone was responsible for the path I had chosen last week, and now it was time to hear...

Internal thoughts of a woman alone

As she sat there on the busy train, trying to blend in, he imagined her life

She was plain as paper. There was something very nondescript about her. The darkish, straight brows, the blue eyes that were just that - blue. Not a special blue, or a sparkling blue. They were neither light blue nor dark. Just blue. The oval face that wa...

On nights like these,alone with only my thoughts,my past returnsI can barely keep the voices at bay,they will not be silenced,nor will they tolerate being ignored A dozen voices whispering in the night,in an unending unison of judgement,"you cannot be lov...