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The Last Supper

As always, a twist in the tale


She staring at me tryna figure out my net worth
Flirting with death in her night dress
Finna gets loose, at my place
She sucks the breath outta stress
Gonna go Christian Grey at my place
50 shades of grey, on her face
I try to work out her broken esteem and broken virginity
Her makeup goes with the stories she makes up, rotten dignity

I should make up my mind, quit stalling
Live to conquer tonight or regret it in the morning
Staring at death today, will he take my breath away
He’s changing locations, taking me to every venue
I keep ordering the most expensive bottles on every menu
He smiles at me, impressed with my behind
I already know he has undressed me in his mind
Should I take it far or make it only a peep-show
But the higher I get, the more I wanna turn this to a freak show

Daredevil, conqueror, I have a sporty life
Now I have a trophy, a trophy wife
Mentally I drift, in a coffee house
Staying awake wondering, was the old me nice
With a little change, the boy did change
Foreign to the locals like foreign exchange
Aimed for greatness, always bought the latest
But I have woken next to her, with no latex

Despite this mess, I can still see hope in his eyes
I can slowly see the truth in his lies
Broken bottles of champagne on the nightstand
Hope he can understand the repercussions of a one night stand
Will he leave his fancy wife for me I wonder?
Or will he play me blindly like Stevie Wonder
His wife wants no babies tryna maintain her figure
He wants an heir to inherit his figures
He gives me that look like I’m a gold digger
Will he find gold in this gold digger?

Months go by, and her belly grows bigger
Thoughts of a family and ring on her finger
I found gold in this gold digger
I wonder if my wife and I could ever get this close
Should I forsake my fortune, and get a divorce?
Leave all the riches and have a humble life
Or serve two masters, live a double life
I live in the shadows of people’s expectations
I’m limited to certain things coz of my reputation

It’s been five years now, and the world ever so cruel
I watched love and fate battle in a duel
He was about to betray her, like the last supper
Before he could speak, she told him she had cancer
The world would eat him if he left her
He promised me he would leave her after she got better
Stuck in a broken marriage, living with no courage
I called him and told him I had a miscarriage
The world burning spinning on a broken axis should be my theme song
I was supposed to marry a man, regardless of fortune
I bore him a son, who was supposed to be destined for fortune
But instead, he was fated with misfortune

The world burning spinning on a broken axis should be my theme song
The sounds of hearts breaking should be my ringtone
Where there’s a will, there a way
But regardless of my will, she was kept away
I invited her over to meet my wife so that we could dine one last time.
I smiled at the new woman in my life as I poured the wine one last time.
I came to the table with a secret that only I would know
Little did I know I was staged to play Romeo.
I put a little poison in my wife’s cup
But instead my girl fell on her back
As I reached down, in her dying breaths she told me to save my wife
I looked over to her cough out her last breaths; cancer finally took hold of her life
Slowly I sat on the table and place a napkin over my thighs like nothing did matter,
I broke the bread and drunk the poisoned wine, after all, it was the last supper...

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