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Where Does a Poem Begin

"How are they born and where do they die?"
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Published 7 years ago
When does a poem begin 
And where does it end?

Does it swoop down like a breeze 
To swirl around the ankles 
Of a pubescent girl 
With knock knees?

Is it there the seed begins?

Does it shiver 
In the pit of her groin 
At the whisper of him near?

After months, just short of nine, 
Does it unsheathe its face 
And gasp for air 
As it cries out 
With the induced pain 
Of a man’s hand?

How many words does it collect 
And discard 
The epiphany of voice arrives?

Where does it stand 
To claim its ground 
Atop the crag 
Run to seek shelter?

How long does it haunt 
The endless passages of the mind 
Or claw its way 
Through the muscles 
Of the heart?

Tell me 
When does a poem begin 
And, how does 
What trickles 
From its immortal sacrifice 
Ever end?

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