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Creation Stories


The One Of Fire

Pheonix, The Prophecy.

The One of FireMade so powerfulIs it is our desireOr our downfallWe tried before, madeOne of ultimate powerWe never knew or sawThings would turn sourShe was our creationOur salvationShe caused suchDevastation We are the sunsOriginal lifeWe took the moonsA...

Fighting the Everdark

An artist fights to bring truth and light into a dark and hopeless world through her works.

Fighting the EverdarkThe room was black as pitch, but for the harsh glare of an aging laptop. It was the kind that would creak in eerie protest of the stress it's owner, the Author, was sure to impose upon it as her jagged nails tapped across the keys. Th...

Love Created

She was the most beautiful woman he knew. Ronald Casey's life is complete when she's around.

She was exquisite, a woman of pure creation. Golden shoulder length hair framing the soft, pink skin of her face. Brilliant green eyes bursting with a sparkle that mesmerize anyone near. Full, gloss covered lips glimmering in the light, hiding behind was...