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alxb19 3 months ago

I Have to Pay

sometime words don't come out right

I got my words mixed up today now my baby’s gone away what did I say   I guess I spoke too soon I should have played it cool now I’m the fool   She walked out of my door I may not see her anymore I am on the floor   ...

Mentally prospecting, Needing that perfect word. Meaningful, like frisson, Not discordant; like impact’s not a verb. My mind fog thins, achievement? Still incorporeal, maybe transient; seemingly onomatopoeia. Write it down! It diss...

Anonymous 1 year ago

I'd been sent by my editor to interview a local poet on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday. The poet was a well-known face around town, but was now in a retirement home. "Be sensitive," my editor had said, "if he’s not all there." It turned o...

Do stories ever write themselves?Sometimes it seems so.They spill forth from our fingertips with no effortYet I’ve stared for hours at my paper, and no print rises upNor does my pen dip itself and begin to form the letters

When I had you My mind spoke in poetryNow I am quiet Feeling the irony When I am so pissedMy anger releases rhythm Lately, I'm so mellowWith an ink filled penLost imagination Dull, boring worldWhere's the pa...

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Sparkle 6 years ago

You Are More Than Words

A thought for a friend

You are more than words. Words do not define who you are or who you want to be. The words you choose are a part of you, not your entirety.Someone once told you, you could write.So you did.You still...

TaliaRussell 6 years ago


It's not over . . . yet . . .

Vipers slither from your lipsTwisted into clever quipsFueled by petty vengeful ireHow is it that you haven’t tired? Every chance to take a swipeThere you are with caustic bitesBriefly do your serpents restRetract their fang...