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CuriousAnnie 1 week ago


Last Sunday was Father's Day down under

Hey, little one, don’t be coy, Take that alpha step, my boy. You’re luxuriating in my womb, Can’t stay, it’s not a catacomb. You do know what tomorrow is? I thought not; for that day is his. Didn’t think you’d bring a gift, Hopefully focused...

When you're pregnant you repeat the same cliche over and over. I don't care if it's a boy or girl, I just want a healthy baby. A cliche, but a true one. Luckily my first son was born healthy. Son number two encountered some problems on the way into t...

sreeharithej 5 years ago


about life

Life is a Miracle. A droplet of white  Fertilized a red substance,  The result is him!! He found everything  All that we see around!! The good and The evil!! The best and The worst!! He belived himself He is the creator!! Then comes Loka Maya  She s...

I looked at the newborn So tiny she was A little over five pounds brand new Big blue eyes And a cute little nose Lungs as strong as could be How can something so loud Come from this tiny thing My movement caught her eyes And she stopped and stared...

Amber pulled out her cellphone and tapped the number one key. The silence in World History class was broken by the wail of a police siren, while his cellphone vibrated. Bruce didn't need to look at the screen, he just stood up and announced to the te...

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poetlou 6 years ago

father to a daughter

for the love of a daughter

She is as fine as vintage wine and as sweet as a Georgia peach She was picked at the moment of perfection under the Watchful eye and God's direction. Then she was sent here to earth, given to me by natural birth. He said: this is my gift to you -she...

djmaiden 8 years ago

In the darkness

A prostitute is given a second opportunity at real love.

In the darkness never showing Couldn’t see her heart was growing Still not formed no way of knowing When she’d show up at my door. In the darkness she did leave me Sorrow, guilt and loss did weave me A blanket full of love to give thee Baby who...

CKAcres 9 years ago

Individuality Lost

Children having to conform and fit societies mould.

When a child is brought into this human race . Innocent, totally pure, body, mind and soul.Beliefs, adulterated by others, having to face.Impressionable, without any damage control.Accepting propaganda, becoming a safe place. Expectations of others s...

sprite 9 years ago

Precious Things

For Xuani, Ash, and Hiram Lawrence Jr.

I had her name traced above my heart Cupped my belly, feeling the spark Within, I felt the beat of life, the echo of her cry Her breath a butterfly Brushing the cobwebs from the grave with her wing Oh you precious thing And she, oh she had his...