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MileeBanerjeeOGN 9 years ago

Duet / Jugalbandi

This is what Dreamcatcher and MileeBanjerjeeOGN have been upto lol! Hope you guys have a good read.

A Duet/Jugalbandi by : DREAMCATCHER & MILEEBANERJEEOGN Such joy she brought each time she came.. Now she's gone and I don't feel the same.. What light she gave to my darkened space.. Then left too soon without a trace.. An empty h...

CzechHimOut 11 years ago


It's a long walk, long life, together.

I'll come to youIf you take your timeIt’s all in the way that you feelIf you ever need or want someone tooI’m easy and I’m realI’m easy to touchAnd easy to loveEasy to hold and confideMaybe easy too muchToo easy wit...