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Realization Stories



Dad you showed me what life, freedom and family where. I love you Dad and see you soon.

She really hated the holidays, as she wandered and pondered why? Her mind drifts to the celebrations, as she comes to realize."It is for him that I live the way I do. For him tonight are my memories, for him are these words, with a knot in my throat as I...

Old Cowpoke

Every time I saddle up, mount a trusty steed and head out through the sage.

Old Cowpoke I am an old cowboy, yes I am, I grew up on a ranch or farm. The cattle and other livestock I learned early how to charm. Growing up, a real cowpoke was all I ever wanted to be. My brother and I always played Cowboys and Indians with glee. I wa...

Comes a Time

Dreams conceived in youth, cultivated to maturity, finally blossom.

For all my plans now laid to restand all my dreams once given testThere comes a time and wish that's bestForgotten and unsaidFor all my conduct ill-conceivedand all my sorrows ever grievedThere comes a time andwish believedRemembered yet unreadFor all my...