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33 years young. They/Them. Self-shipper, writer, polyamorous pandemirose, and coffee enthusiast.

Alan Rickman, Josh Dela Cruz, Jane Lynch, gaming, reading, writing fanfiction and poetry, drawing, sleeping, internet, and making photo edits.

Favorite Books
Murder and medical mysteries. Fantasies. Sci-Fi. Gothic horror. And fanfiction; lots of fanfiction.

Favorite Authors
Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Alan Cumming (yes, he's written books). And others I've forgotten.

Favorite Movies
Ask. I have so many it's not funny.

Favorite TV Shows
The Price is Right, The Weakest Link (classic and current), Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Blue's Clues & You, Queer Eye, Buffy, Charmed, CSI, Instinct, Family Matters, Emergency, His Dark Materials, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Good Wife, Law & Order SVU, Full House, Quantum Leap, and Ghost Whisperer (but I know I'm forgetting a lot of others).

Favorite Music
Jane Lynch, Josh Dela Cruz, Alan Cumming, Green Day, Enya, My Chemical Romance, The Ramones, Nine Inch Nails, show tunes, movie soundtracks, classical, BTS, SB19, BoybandPH, Telly Leung.

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How can I say goodbye? How can I let you go? You have brought me comfort When I needed it most. Though I can never thank you Your legacy will live on Though you have gone away. I cannot help missing you I cannot stop the pain I feel Your voice still calls...

If I could write ten thousand words My soul would be at peace. All the secrets inside my mind Laid bare upon the page Waiting for the reader To soak them up like sun. I imagine how I would inspire Those who stumble on my words In hopes of making someone f...

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Pretty Boy

Pretty boy, pretty boy, why must you tease me so?

Pretty boy, pretty boy, Why must you tease me so? With those chocolate eyes Staring into my soul? Pretty boy, pretty boy, Are you even real? Did I make you up While in the land of dreams? Pretty boy, pretty boy, Take my hand in yours. Lead and I will foll...



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