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With the winds of Autumn as I unburden my wrongs come the withers of frost and scarce tears begun without a sound of a song as she rests beneath the sun

His simple question rocked her; hurt bubbling to the surface and etching itself on her face. Paul was alarmed he had spoilt their growing rapport. “I’m sorry, Sara. I didn’t mean to pry. Let’s talk about something else.” “No. It’s not your fault,” Sara re...


To Purge

With grief comes trauma and then the purge

  Shock rushes through your very bones  To rise and fall like waves of a restless sea  Plunging your heart deep into the cavity of an abyss  Where all those go – that are amiss   You succumb to feeling numb  The present now out of place  No trace  No hint...

The Miami sun is a friend of mine. Dappling off the pool's surface in the early morning, the sun creates playful, refracted, writhing patterns on the surface. The rippling patterns shifting in size and shape bring me a little joy. I wait quietly, knowingl...


“Letters”   I wrote you a love letter.But it burned before you could read it.There, in the warmth of the sunThat was in your eyesWhen you told me you loved me. I wrote you a love letter.But pieces were stolen in the windWhich kicked up to blow downThe bri...

Something of Value

Young man has first encounter with human loss

It was a slow melancholy song in Harry Turner’s head. Uncle Joe was dying. A sad refrain that reminded Harry of the man he knew. He was a man full of good humour, activity, kindness and love for his family. Now he was dying. The dirge plagued Harry’s mind...

In any relationship with another Should we seek to know the unvarnished truth; And if we did what would be the effect, On our feelings, even for a brother? Would the surface of our lives still be smooth Or would the disclosure of each defect In their char...

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Caitlin's Time - The Beginning

From tragedy comes hope reborn, and Caitlin makes powerful friends

Gordon Curzon was a veteran of many fierce commercial negotiations and boardroom battles.  He was at ease with heads of state, and finance ministers, and held in very high esteem by corporate bankers and lawyers.  He was a decisive and confidant man.  He...

Under a Crepuscular Sky

A man angrily greives for what was taken from him

A semi-circular moon in a crepuscular sky. Indigo hues of a day that passed by. I grieve at the tomb of my goddess on high, And I shake my fist at this crepuscular sky.   A portentous night, cumulonimbus clouds, Her body cocooned in funereal shroud, Her l...

The One Still Here

She's the one who has to grieve

"I just don't want to talk to anybody." Softly, gently. "Not even you." He tried to hold her but felt the reluctance in her body. He has struggled so hard to understand. He has got to understand her feelings as well as his own. His struggle differs from h...


Be joyful, for I am with you.

They must be singing, songs of glory their sister has come home, I am assured the angels welcomed you home Streets of gold, beneath your once weary feet voice raised in infinite songs of praise I have no doubt; you are dancing Your sweet smiling face,look...

Betty Bones

Betty Bones lives in the old house at the end of the street with her three dead children.

Her name is Betty Bowens, though all the neighborhood kids call her Betty Bones, and she lives in the old house at the end of the street with her three dead children. They are dead; she is not, merely old, very old. Her children died of different causes,...