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How can I say goodbye? How can I let you go? You have brought me comfort When I needed it most. Though I can never thank you Your legacy will live on Though you have gone away. I cannot help missing you I cannot stop the pain I feel Your voice still calls...

If I could write ten thousand words My soul would be at peace. All the secrets inside my mind Laid bare upon the page Waiting for the reader To soak them up like sun. I imagine how I would inspire Those who stumble on my words In hopes of making someone f...

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Pretty Boy

Pretty boy, pretty boy, why must you tease me so?

Pretty boy, pretty boy, Why must you tease me so? With those chocolate eyes Staring into my soul? Pretty boy, pretty boy, Are you even real? Did I make you up While in the land of dreams? Pretty boy, pretty boy, Take my hand in yours. Lead and I will foll...

I wish I could tell you The things I hide inside Lay out my broken parts For your eyes to see. I wish I was brave enough To tell you of the pain I feel The agony of being forgotten Too many times to count. I want to tell you everything About who I am and...

Jump into my soul And let yourself be loved Never will you be lost or End up alone. My heart belongs to you Always and forever. Ride the waves of love  I promise you no regrets Escape into paradise with me  Love me through the years Yet when I look at you...