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I've been writing as a hobby since my early teens, but recent changes in life have allowed me the opportunity to write full time. I used to be a nurse, now I am a writer.

Most of my work tends to be in the horror and dark fantasy genre's although I have also written and enjoy working with lighter, more traditional fantasy and science fiction. Much of the work I will be submitting here will be older pieces and the occasional newer piece that I do not intend to publish.

I write a lot of short stories, and am working on a horror novel at the moment which I will most likely upload here (it is my first attempt at a novel and it's unlikely that I will be attempting to publish it - I would rather people read it for free, online and give me some honest feedback before I throw myself into something more serious).

I hope that you enjoy my work, an I would love to hear feedback from anyone who reads through and wishes to comment on my stories.

writing, reading, drawing, music, film, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, online gaming, mythology, history, science,

Favorite Books
Age of Misrule Trilogy (Mark Chadbourn), The Dark Age Trilogy (Mark Chadbourn), Kingdom of the Serpent Trilogy (Mark Chadbourn), The Coldfire Trilogy (Celia Friedman), Tide Lords series (Jennifer Fallon), Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, The Farseer Trilogy (Robin Hobb), The Tawny Man books (Robin Hobb), The Obernewtyn Chronicles (Isobelle Carmody),

Favorite Authors
Robin Hobb, Anne Rice, Celia Friedman, Robert Jordan, Mark Chadbourn, Jennifer Fallon, Isobelle Carmody

Favorite Movies
The Stand (TV movie), Pan's Labyrinth, District 9, Stigmata, Moulin Rouge, Interview with the Vampire,

Favorite Music
Two Steps from Hell, Brand X Music, Scissor Sisters, Pink, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Kamelot,
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Mirrors and Demons

There was a demon in my bathroom mirror, watching me...

There was a demon in my bathroom mirror. This was not one of those cartoon imps, with their chubby faces, and tiny horns. It was not the kind that waves its cute little pitchfork at you as it capers off to some daring, childish mischief. No, this one was...