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Be joyful, for I am with you.

They must be singing, songs of glory their sister has come home, I am assured the angels welcomed you home Streets of gold, beneath your once weary feet voice raised in infinite songs of praise I have no doubt; you are dancing Your sweet smiling face,look...

Until We Meet Again

Written for and dedicated in loving memory to my beautiful Angel Face, Katy

Another years gone by since God called you home;It's never gotten easier, but still, we carry on;We take each day as it comes, a moment at a time;And bask in cherished memories, that always cross our minds;You were a precious gift, sent from Heaven up abo...

My daughter up in heaven watches over me each day;I feel her all around me as I stumble along the way; When my sadness overwhelms me all I need to do,is think about her love for me and it helps to get me through.

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Heaven's Call

Divine encounter of a different kind.

“Do you believe in heaven?” That sudden question dragged me from my daydreams as I was sitting by the plane’s window seat. I stared at the guy momentarily as he took his seat beside mine. “I suppose. Don’t we all?” I answered, almost disinterestedly. I li...

Life is so precious enjoy each day You never know when you might die A blink of an eye you could be taken away Friends and family left just to cry We’re shocked what happened yesterday All you did was come to work God called you and you were taken away Yo...

The time will come when one must choose, to be barefoot or wear the shoes, to wear a gown or business suit, to cross my arms or lay them askew. The space is small so think it out, for without thought there is no doubt. The preparations may seem great but...

First class ticket to Heaven

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.

Mom got a First class ticket to Heaven, that's for sure.Everybody who knew my mom, absolutely adored her.She always helped others or she would bust her butt trying.It was so sad when her doctor said that she was dying.Now she's in Heaven and she has etern...

love made in heaven

finding true love

(3/8/13) The angels gathered in heaven to witness our wedding day For this was a match made in heaven as they came together to pray Long before our births-GOD had made this plan And he had all the angels give a helping hand. Both of us was born with a hal...