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I like stringing together letters and forming words, thoughts, ideas and more. I like sharing those ideas as well and am thrilled when I read something of yours that moves me to action, to thought, to laughter, to tears. I share some of my thoughts here within the 'stories space' community and invite you to share your thoughts with the Dharma Bums of Barra de Navidad.

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A Prompt

Succumbing to the pressure of a prompt as opposed to b prompt I scribbled this...

There are one hundred and one famous poemsSitting upon my shelf leather boundIts yellowed pages have not been turnedIn forever and a dayI come across Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his Blessed DamozelLooking for my page, looking for my ageand I laid his poem...

Give Us This Day

A May Day Poem

Give us this dayOur daily breadGive us this dayFor we, the nearly deadGive us this dayThe under-appreciated massesGive us this dayFor hard hats and safety glassesGive us this dayWho rise to catch the day's first busGive us this dayChasing notes that read,...

Somehow Brought Up

Of perseverance against empty promises...

Somehow brought up on the rules of the game Somehow brought up to the plate Somehow brought up to look straight in the eye Somehow brought up to lead off the base Somehow brought up to field ground balls Somehow brought up to think on the fly Somehow brou...