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Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 10: And Then Some

Doug finds himself in hot water after uncovering a secret of the Human Resistance

TWO HOURS LATER November 7th, 2040 - 12:18 Doug walked down the darkened corridor as stealthily as he could. He’d been exploring the compound all morning for all the secrets that they hadn’t told them.  If this was the future, then there had to be some co...



Presence, meaning, purpose,love, rain,air, happiness,beauty,smile, eyes, desire, life, dreams

Life would be meaningless without your love, the sound of the whispering rain on fallen leaves stirring up the fresh smell of air that has been scrubbed clean wasted without your heart to share it with.  Because without you there is only the thought of yo...

then I Remembered You

What is my purpose in life?

My heart cries.What am I supposed to do?I think God forgot to give me a purpose in life.  I've lost my way and I don't know where to go.I missed somethingThen I remembered you.You're not mine butyou are everything I haveYou're everything I love. Perhaps t...

The highly polished wooden floor was cold against his bare feet, but he didn't seem to mind. Sweat was rolling down his face and would have wound up stinging his eyes if not for the sweatband he wore. The front and back of his loose white karate uniform w...