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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


I am Alice. People say I'm strange. I agree. There's something incredibly awesome about being different. I like being strange.

Cooking, baking, reading, writing, playing the piano, trying to sing but failing, doing nothing and talking. a lot.

Favorite Books
Jane Eyre
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke.
Animal Farm is just plain awesome.
To Kill a Mockingbird
Of Mice and Men
The Winter of Our Discontent

Favorite Authors
People, generally.

Favorite Movies
Disney!!!!!!Tangled is number 1, but Frozen's pretty good.
I love the first 3 Home Alones.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is just too cool. So are the other two "Dollars" movies.

Favorite TV Shows
How I Met Your Mother, Melissa & Joey, Revenge, House

Favorite Music
THE SCRIPT, 30 seconds to mars, the killers, muse, the all american rejects, red hot chili peppers, onerepublic, biffy clyro, fall out boy, counting crows, blink 182, enter shikari
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Why is Why so significant?

"Why?"The word that pops into my head every day. Why? I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking about past experiences. My life. Being depressed. Everything. Nothing. I don't know.People tell me I say 'I don't know' too much. But I don't care. Why should I? There...

Strange Young Us

A typical conversation between me and a friend.

"You got what for my mother?"Nick nodded. He turned to his window.I pulled softly at a clump of his brown hair. "Why?"He turned back and sighed with a small grin. "It's completely unexpected, so I thought, 'Hey, why not?'""You are strange," I said with th...

The Six Hats

Thinking about thinking

School. Teachers were stupid. Homework was stupid. Everything's stupid when you're a teenager.Especially when they tell you to 'think about thinking'.Sure, some people might find it interesting. But I didn't. it seemed pointless. Why think about thinking...