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Pretty much everything I've written that's not been a school or uni paper have been erotica, and most of it is posted at lushstories. Now I might actually try and write something that's not erotica, but still is a piece of me. Who knows, maybe it will actually turn out to be decent stories.
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31st of April We arrived at Orleans two days ago. Usually when we have marched towards a battle I have wondered which of my comrades I wouldn’t see again, or if they would see me again. I would have wondered how my family are doing, if my little brother h...

Diary of a Soldier part I

All it takes is one...

15th of January, the year of our Lord 1429 I have seen much during my 10 years in the French army, but most of all I have seen death. My comrades are getting fewer and fewer as they fall to the British blades and bows. It is sad to realise that my oldest...