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Being Bullied

I was only bullied once in my life. I conquered the bully who became my friend in the end.

When I was fifteen, I became the victim of bullying. It was a rare occurrence, but it happened. I was a sophomore in high school, not popular but visible because of my academic record. I was the number one student in my class. I was not an athlete, but I...

The Burning of the Golden Eagles

As the men passed they threw the Golden Eagles into the fire

The Burning of the Golden Eagles. The Grande Armee on the move. Oh what a mere 6 months would make.  450,000 strong marched to the sound of drums and buglers. Move east men for the empire, for the glory of our Emperor. The folly of men and countries to st...

Diary of a Soldier part I

All it takes is one...

15th of January, the year of our Lord 1429 I have seen much during my 10 years in the French army, but most of all I have seen death. My comrades are getting fewer and fewer as they fall to the British blades and bows. It is sad to realise that my oldest...