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I am a husband of just over 20 years to my best friend, and she is the mother of my 2 children (boy and girl). I am a quasi-techie (I make a living at it) and a wannabe writer. I am a romantic, I am sarcastic...a lover not a fighter. I don't have a writing style yet...I am a work in progress.

Reading, writing, computers, video games, long walks along the river, bike riding with my son,

Favorite Books
Lion of Ireland, Mists of Avalon

Favorite Authors
Thomas Costain, Alexandre Dumas, John Lescroart, Daniel Silva, Morgan Llewellen

Favorite Movies
A Few Good Men, Top Gun, Phantom of the Opera (the musical, not the movie)

Favorite Music
Pretty much everything from opera to some hip-hop
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That Little Ship

The second full poem I wrote for a collaboration on Anxiety. Dark and depressing.

This is the second attempt on a collaboration I participated in on Anxiety / Release. This one didn't make the cut, but I am posting all the poems I wrote as part of the journey. It was dark times in my head as I wrote this, and travelled the path to the...

Thanks for the Ride

The first poem I wrote in a series on Anxiety.

I wrote this piece as the first effort in a collaboration between myself and an artist. The theme was Anxiety / Release. They said I was wrong in the head, a case study for the shrinks. Neurotic, psychotic... and a few other - otics and - olics. Uniquenes...

I went for a walk by myself. I got lost in my thoughts and on the streets. I had no idea where I was. You were with me in my mind, beside me supporting my every misguided step. It was your steady hand that stopped me from stepping off the precipice, a fal...