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Walking On A Wire

Every day I try to look my best, even though inside I'm such a mess. ~Invisible, Skylar Grey

She climbs up the ladder, lands at the tight rope, her trick of choice. She will attempt to walk it, straight across, without leaning either way. She is fine until halfway through, then her foot slips and she plummets...

The_Count 8 years ago

The Conclusion of Quirks

How the story ended

Well here I am reporting for work on the haunted house project, it’s the day after my birthday and I am not in the best frames of mind. If you read the first installment you will remember that none of my so-called friends would honour any of my request...

I went for a walk by myself. I got lost in my thoughts and on the streets. I had no idea where I was. You were with me in my mind, beside me supporting my every misguided step. It was your stead...

courage2bfree 9 years ago

It is an amazing gift.

How strange is the way we cover space

An amazing gift. It’s a strange thing walking by putting one foot in front of another I manage to cover space and shift forward at a pace, this mechanical ability to stand on ou...