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I'm sixty yrs old, and came across this site through a friend. I'm a compassionate, honest, a hopeless romantic, and have a witty sense of humor. I write poems, and stories. I love making friends. If you want to chat with me, please have to common courtesy to ask.

I love to cook, read, and travel. I have been a writer for over ten years.

Favorite Books
Too many to list here; Vampire, mysteries, fantasy, kings & castles-witches, wizards, sorcery. True stories, erotica, and poetry. I love to read and would rather do that than watch TV.

Favorite Authors
Too many to list.

Favorite Movies
Twilight Saga, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Prince of Persia-Sands of Time, Burlesque, and many more

Favorite Music
Anything but rap.
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I Love You

I love you darling and my whole being wants to be in your arms.

Your love encountered a wall that I had built around my heart.You slowly took one brick at a time down until your love filled me.I saw your love was true and love blossomed inside my heart.I trusted you and realized I love you just as much as you do me.Ev...


I look at you, and ask, “When will this dream ever be fulfilled?”

Tonight, when you lay down to sleep I hope you dream about me.Now, close your eyes my darling, relax your body, mind and soul.Go to a place where lovers meet, look around, can you see me.I always dream of you, going to that place where only two can go.I’m...


What life's storm destroys, can and will be renewed.

Storm consumedLove vanished.Spirit destroyed.Hopes crushedDreams shatteredDesires Abandoned Heart woundedEmotions perplexedFriends comfortedSupport offeredRefuge advocatedStrength restoredDreams createdDesires restoredHeart mendedEmotions repairedStorm st...