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Touch Stories


Deep in my Heart

reliving a beginning

So deep within my heart When did that implant begin? That haunting smile On lips of such promise? Or the subtle depths Of those laughing dark brown eyes So sensual when the time was right? Maybe your mobility caught the eye   The lilt and the sway. Of hip...

I love to see your hands Gentle, but yet so strong When you reach out to touch Strong fingers intertwine with mine Wrapping me in your arms Your fingertips upon my back When you lace them in my hair Then cup my face so gently As if I am new born I feel yo...

Play Me

Remove me from my case and play me.

Run your fingers across my skinHear my music drone Pluck the strings of my heartLet your bow vibrate my soul Grasp me between your thighs Caress me with your fingertips I love the way you cuddle me Bring out every impish note I cherish each reverberation...

My heart Was like a rose, Wilting In the cold winter's night. Its icy petals, Fragile and cracked... Waiting to shatter. Your warm embrace Was like the midnight sun That warmed And thawed Me out, From within. Your voice Was the steady Rhythm That caressed...

Leaning back into the cushions, I blink and yawn.Watching yet another movie that I won't remember.The hour grows late, as it's wont to do,But my heart glows with happiness, thinking of you."Insanely amazing," your voice whispers in my ear,And my lips rise...


I look at you, and ask, “When will this dream ever be fulfilled?”

Tonight, when you lay down to sleep I hope you dream about me.Now, close your eyes my darling, relax your body, mind and soul.Go to a place where lovers meet, look around, can you see me.I always dream of you, going to that place where only two can go.I’m...

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