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Over 90 days ago
United States



The Perfect Pair

Had a rough week this week, trying my best not to fall back into habits.

The pain is unbearable But it's all in my head You can't see the symptoms But aren't the cuts on my arm enough? It doesn't seem fair that I can call out cause I got the flu  But depression making it too hard to get out of bed?  No sorry come up with a bet...

I never lived my life with rose colored glasses I tossed them on the ground when I was 9Happy endings were never in my mindI always thought someone like me could never have thatFairy tales for me were just a warning sign for the futureI was Cinderella wit...

To Someone I Use to Call Sister

A poem I wrote to me sister knowing she wouldn't ever read or care about

You were meant to be there for me You were the one who was to teach me everything I need to know about life But you ran out  You abandoned me when I needed you most The one text every six months  with no response  Yeah those were always fun Oh but don't f...