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You Have a Sister?!

Where are you now? A memory under the sea, under the sea ~faded by Alan walker

You have no idea what it was like, every time I mention your name and who you were in regards to me, the response was a shocked expression, "you have a sister?" It's the same one every time, and that sad part is, it's from people who known me for years. I...


The Right Words

To my best friend.

If there will ever be a time that words can finally describe how I feel, I hope it is now. Many times I wanted to write this, never had the words been so perfect, if any at all. In this world so bleak and boring, so troubling and confusing, I had hoped fo...

To Someone I Use to Call Sister

A poem I wrote to me sister knowing she wouldn't ever read or care about

You were meant to be there for me You were the one who was to teach me everything I need to know about life But you ran out  You abandoned me when I needed you most The one text every six months  with no response  Yeah those were always fun Oh but don't f...


Short story for AP English Language about the year 2050

Staring out into the falling sun I was reminded of the colors that it used to hold. Such reds, yellows, and smears of the infinite shades that lie between. I often imagine them at all times of the day, not just at this one, when the sun lowers itself some...

True Inheritance

A tale of family, and of finding one's Truth.

I can't let myself think about him. The sun is shining down on my pale back for the first time in days. A black butterfly with white spots is dancing around in the light breeze delighting in the day and inviting me to join in. But he comes to me unbidden....

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Brothers and Sisters

We all deserve to live our lives without jeopardy.

This was inspired by the words of our own, darklight30 in Sunday Sermon Brothers and Sisters We are all children of the universe, everyone brother and sister. Really does it matter if we are short, tall,large, thin, fat, or small. There are none of us abo...

Miss You

Staying close to those you love is important.

"Deux saucisse maison, avec frites et choucroute, s'il vous plaît."Wow! How suave and sophisticated does my big sister sound speaking French? She's already ordered two white wines to go with our meal, and this second little speech only confirms her lingui...

The Raft

Memories of summer can last forever

"I can't!" My voice, high and strident, carries out across the water."Sure you can; come on, try." My sister's voice, low and calm, comes to me clearly."No, I can't.""But you did last year."Last year. Perhaps. But this is now, and I know I cannot do it. I...