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My Companion Angel

To Sharifah Aishah Syed Mohammed, Happy Birthday!

Loneliness crept in and poisoned my soul,it burned with a flame of amber and gold,which made my heart turn black and cold.Where feelings and emotions were empty,and the days went by in a standstill.It came without a warning, out of nowhere, you threw me a...

On My Own

For the days when things are just too hard

I feel like I'm in mourning.Something in me has died. Its been dead for quiet sometime, and I've just realized it. It's like the flame in me has extinguished, blown away by a breeze that came from nowhere. Now and then there are sparks, that comes and go...

Time Forgotten

What I think about time and life

Time was never in our hands,it seeps through the endless cracks in our minds. Fools are those who reach out to grasp the hands of father time, for it exists in a parallel world, where two can never converge in its path. With only the beginning created by...