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At 48 years young I find myself enjoying writing with both guitar and pen. I like to write short stories, songs and am also working on my first book. I have a book of four Short Stories called 'Postcards From Within' available for free at: I can also be found at: Facebook - Twitter -!/Mphillips1963

Music, Literature, Film, TV

Favorite Books
Too many to mention -

Favorite Authors
Authors would be Graham Greene, Martin Amis, Tony Parsons, John Grisham among others

Favorite Movies
Again too many to mention

Favorite Music
Springsteen, The Who, Ian Hunter, The Clash, Bowie, Pistols...I dont know why I am doing this - I have too many favourite artists Some rough songs of mine can be found on:
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Abby and Me

This is a sample of a novella I am currently editing for e-publication soon

What the hell was I doing here? Me, Fergus Simpkins, in a Gym! It was preposterous and ridiculous in equal measure. But I had decided that maybe Abby and I needed to do more together. I was now acutely aware of the growing gap between us; I was also equal...


A love in hiding

I was watching the last of the soap suds disappear down the plug-hole of the kitchen sink, when I heard a knock at the front door. I looked at the clock on the wall, that smug look on its face, proudly telling me it was very late. I sighed to myself becau...

Ginny sat reading the paper as I stared at her. Her cup of tea was well on its way to going cold as she engrossed herself in another Celebrity scandal. I didn’t break my gaze as I sipped at my own cooling brew. I quietly perused her visage, surrounded by...