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Sailing away to a new life

Sailing away to a new life

Sailing away to a new lifeThere was a clash of thunder and a flash of lightning.  The rain lashed down, soaking Peter Donnie as he stood there looking back at the city.  His rucksack on his shoulder, and a carrier bag with some of his clothes “All I have...

Like most ideas, it seemed a good one at the time. And when my bubbling daughter Claire enthused, “Great! Go for it, mum,” the decision was made.But now I was having second thoughts.Nothing unusual about that, really. In the twenty-five years since I made...


In a gloomy corner of the car park, a couple embrace. Arms entwined, they stand motionless, lost in their own world. Driving rain soaks them but neither flinches.Then, as I watch, they break apart. Words are whispered, kisses exchanged, before the two sha...

The Affair

A relationship torn apart

A relationship that was once happy, ends, The couple involved can't even be friends.Their situation now has changed,These two lovers have now become estranged.Nothing can bring them back together,The love has been crushed, they're no longer lovers.There w...

Roll Of The Dice: Live For Love

Is a love affair worth losing everything?

In February of 1979, when I was barely 12 years old, my father and I went fishing. It was a special time for me, since dad and I just never quite seemed to get along. We spent the entire day together, and we actually talked. I will never forget what he to...

Love Story In A Small Town

Young woman and man from troubled families find love at a town's antique shop

It was the kind of town that you passed through while you were on your way to bigger things. But it was quaint and tourists seem to like its quiet and relaxing treats as they refueled for the moment. They would experience the main street that had its odd...

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A Tactful Pick

Maybe, I'm a prick, but I've always loved your Chick.

Discovering me, Could make you sick. Hidden in the hours, We are rather slick. Uncovering,How he likes to lick, My warm moistness… It makes me tick.My smiles shows, I may be a prick His smile shows, He enjoys me thick.Yet together, our skin Is an amazing...

"Honey, I'm ho-ome," Matt warbled as he entered the kitchen and tossed his keys into a bowl on the table. Loosening his tie, he made for the bedroom, where he expected to find his wife changing from her work clothes.Instead he met her in the dining room,...

Second Place

When did our flame burn out?

Can I ask you a question,From deep in my mind?Will you give me the answerOr is it just not time?For me to find outIf what we have is real?What I want to knowIs if we mutually feel,For I feel you move fartherAway every day,And I don’t think you hearWhat I...