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The Real Fake Friend

haven't written in a while, so that may be of poor quality

Once upon a time, I was there for you You adored me, I would be always listening to you, I could care for you, Because my problems were not serious, I was not stressed, I always tried to help you, Because I adored you, If not by money as I could not affor...

Not a proper goodbye

something about someone who meant a lot to me

A message, a few lines that was all I received as goodbye. A few words, telling me I need to move on. I knew you would have preferred to tell me that directly But time always played against us. I read the short message, again and again. I can’t help getti...

The Story Of Smarty The Dog

Life through the eyes of a dog

Hello, my name is Smarty and I am a dog, or at least, this is what the two-legged humans call me and those who look and bark like me. I live with a small family, the Harley who are very nice people even though Mommy Harley shouts at me when I dig out hole...

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I walk into the garden of the small chapel by the old school hesitantly. How long has it been since the last time I was here? After mentally counting the years, I figure out that it was almost twelve years. As I take a few steps towards the door, I can fe...