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I am a well rounded person who loves to learn and also has a weirdly shallow side (I watch Bravo). I am about to be published in "Chicken Soup for the Cat's Soul"....actually, a story I sent in a whole year ago, so there's where that cliché fits in: Patience is a virtue. I am also starting an e-juice company with my husband....Driftwood Vapor, check us out on Facebook...

Writing, art, photography, psychology

Favorite Books
The Island

Favorite Authors
Elin Hildebrand

Favorite Movies
Fun with Dick and Jane (latest version), Joe Somebody, School of Rock, Tangled

Favorite TV Shows
Real Housewives of OC, America's Next Top Model, Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock

Favorite Music
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Amelia's Diary

Amelia is a confused young married woman with a dark secret....

Dear Diary. I hate it here in boring old Wisconsin. Nobody dresses with style and creativity. They all look exactly the same: jeans and hoodies, with long straight blonde hair. They all act obnoxious, and they're all into drugs. I hate it, hate it, hate i...

The Wig Chapter 2

Madeline is convinced Luna's new auburn wig is she has plans to get rid of it.....

But Madeline would need to bide her time. She would need to wait for the perfect opportunity to carry out her devious scheme. She would have to be patient. The worst part is, she would have to live with the dreaded auburn wig until the perfect opportunity...

A Day in the Life of Bethanne

Bethanne was convinced all the excitement was out there...waiting...

Bethanne was bored with school. Sooo bored. She was sitting in history class, convinced all the excitement was going on RIGHT THIS SECOND, outside the school walls. And she wanted to be part of it. She was itching to be part of it. The school walls felt l...