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orangepink 9 years ago

The Wig Chapter 2

Madeline is convinced Luna's new auburn wig is she has plans to get rid of it.....

But Madeline would need to bide her time. She would need to wait for the perfect opportunity to carry out her devious scheme. She would have to be patient. The worst part is, she would have to live with the dreaded auburn wig until the perfect opp...

orangepink 9 years ago

The Wig

Madeline was convinced the wig was evil. But was it?

THE WIG (Chapter One) Madaline and Luna were room-mates, both in their mid twenties. On the outside, they looked like complete opposites. Madaline was a bit on the chunky side. She weighed over 200 pounds, and wore a size 18. Once in a while, she...