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Over 90 days ago


I have self published my first book and I am now working on the second in the series.

Writing, photography, art and craft.

Favorite Books
Harry Potter series. Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons.

Favorite Authors
J.K Rowling, Dan Brown, Dean Koontz.

Favorite Movies
Star Wars, Avengers, Unstoppable, just to name a few.

Favorite Music
All sorts.
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Dragon Rider

Zale does something no other dragon rider has done before.

Zale adjusted his brown, leather riding gear in front of the mirror. His eyes flicked to the top right corner of the mirror and his gaze was pulled to the vacant stone dragon bed near the room’s huge arched doorway. For six years, he and his dragon Sasha...

My hands are large, and yours are small I forget sometimes, how unsure they are In a home for adults, you make your way There are times I get angry, when you spill drink on the floor Sometimes I’m impatient, when your strides don’t match mine Hurry up, do...

Born Sleeping

Poem about loss

You were born with your eyes closed What colour they were, I’ll never know Your chest was still, but you felt warm Your face was beautiful, with skin so soft My tears were wet, they ran down my cheeks My sobs were loud, but no-one cared My heart was shatt...