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Searching & questioning in a pursuit to understand the Why of human behavior, is the main topic of all of my writing. Being an adopted child at the age of 11, spending time in the foster care system and coming from a loving but unhealthy mentally and physically home, I have always been able to perceive that there were ways to tell if someone would hurt you. I began to wonder why as I grew older. Why are some people more willing to sacrifice others in a pursuit they deem worthy, while others will literally lose themselves in trying to save you? I am a young adult now, and I am finding myself to be filled with emotions that i still can not comprehend. This is why I write.

Unity. The positivist movement. Science. Theosophy. Philosophy.
Surrealism. Abstract. Life. Human emotion. Conversations. The ocean. Reptiles.
Thought. Swimming. Astrology. Spiritualism. Religion. Sculpting. Jewelry making.
arts and crafts. Love. Inspiration.

Favorite Books
The great Gilly Hopkins. Bridge to Terribithea.

Favorite Authors
Laurel K Hamilton. Anne Rice. Dean Koontz

Favorite Movies
Sweet Home Alabama.

Favorite TV Shows
Doctor Who
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Breaking Out of The Cocoon

Just came to me today while at work...

I have read and reread stories I have written, Of people and of places that once had meaning.It seems as though there is a disconnectAs I can no longer feel the emotion in those moments. But I have kept a track record of every hill I've crossed,I have pag...

Always remember

Written for my mom

Something stops me.There is something I need to tell you,But how can I even start to say,the many many things that cross my mindAs I think about all that we have been through. I guess to begin - is to look at you.From the first moment that we metYou loved...

Surrender Today I finally surrender.... To the fact that I do not have all the answers,That what once may have been - no longer is. I submit to the fact that what I believed to be an inner knowledge - is the voice of projection I admit that I have used th...