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Thanks to Mother Nature for stopping time

Anticipation is high for the first snow of the yearTrips to the store, for bread, milk and moreEveryone feeling a bit anxious, maybe a bit of fearChecking my supply of batteries, the seals around doorsWeather forecasters in their own heavenly blissStaying...

Our story started years ago, A time, a place I'll not forget.Lost and lonely, dissatisfied.Ignorant, but looking for you. Our conversation filled my mind.Clever; witty. excited me.Awakened possibilities.Began to feel alive again. Our attraction filled my...

Breaking Out of The Cocoon

Just came to me today while at work...

I have read and reread stories I have written, Of people and of places that once had meaning.It seems as though there is a disconnectAs I can no longer feel the emotion in those moments. But I have kept a track record of every hill I've crossed,I have pag...

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My Angel

A mother's loss becomes her saving grace.

For my baby boy, flying high among the angels. He came to me with broken wings. And he wept bitter tears, He said a fateful day was coming. Full of human fears. He took my hands. He hugged me tight. He sang a song, Filled with fright. My heart swelled lar...

Finding Home

Vietnam veteran, after many years, finds that he is loved and welcomed home.

Hell, we were friends. We had always been friends. My back door looked across the alley to her backdoor. My family moved in when I was four. I would stand with my hands clutched to the chain link fence and watch her. Shortly after we moved in, my mother a...