The Wait

Sitting at the computer, watching, listening, typing. The heat in front of the window is comfortable, though the sun is too bright, even through the tinted glass. Maybe I'll find you today. Maybe... I look out the window every twenty seconds or so. I…

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Burn The Problem

Burning away the problems of the night.…

Another problem to be seen, Coiling up tightly. It turns into a cigar. Grab a lighter, or a match. Light up the cigar. Burn it down with each breath. Just watch it burn, Glowing red, Glowing bright at each inhale. Pull in the smoke, And exhale again.…

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Regret personified.…

No, I'm sorry, no. Deep in the deaf black nightI lay aloneIn a box, the emptiness crushes meThe hollow space stares at meDisappointed, tear filled eyes Reaching towards meIcy claws rip my heartThe past chills my veinsHope slips through my fingers as…

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Skin Is My Fight

Waking from my coma, Walking out of my dream, Living in my nightmare, Needing just to scream. My skin becomes a cage. A cage that's far too tight. I want to rip it off. I fight with all my might. The pressure always building, I feel as though I'll po…

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This Is The Fate I Live

A fire burning deep under my skinA siren blaring in my brainThis is the fate I liveHolding on through all the noiseRipping through all the painThis is the fate I liveWatching all the happy peopleKnowing I can't connectThis is the fate I liveGetting c…

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