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Waiting Stories


A full moon gave her light to the path she traveled. Shadows blended together to give her a warmth. Coming each night to wait gave her a comfort in the dark. As she looked at the moon. She knew the connection was true  With tears that sparkled like the st...

If you didn’t know her   You’d never know   That her heart was broken   But to know her   To have her touch your life   Was magical   The pain in her heart   Shows deep in her eyes   They don’t shine with the same sparkle anymore   She smiles   So the hur...


The wires screeched in protest as the strain on them pushed them towards their limit

The wires screeched in protest as the strain pushed them towards their limit. There was nothing she could do but cover her ears and wait as the unbearable cacophony built to a terrifying crescendo and then... it happened! The strain on the wires became to...


Maybe, Just Maybe

A thousand nights we've been calling your name~ The Haunting Avantasia

In the morning when I wake up, Staring all around me, Seeing that I'm all alone. Daydreaming as I go out, searching about my hometown, Pretending that I still alright. Just waiting for you to see me, No need to hurry, Time is just running out. Maybe I sho...

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The waiting is the soul's biggest enemy, taking all its beauty.

The horizon always looks much brighter,that is where the rainbows belong,not here near me,where all the lights are dim.It's on the horizon that you belong too,you're a bright spot so far away,that even though I want to be with you,there are many mountains...

The Gathering

Queen Ariane feels it in her heart but knows not why.

Inspired by the work of Anne Stokes, 'Solstice Gathering'Ariane stood atop the castle battlements and looked out across the heavily wooded landscape that stretched far into the distance as far as she could see. It was the twenty-first day of December in t...

The Call

look for a way for help..

Please know that this in the flash-fiction section. These things happen. Please remember to have hope and hold on for one second at a time, find a way to cope. There is always a way. I picked up the knife to see how sharp it was. I know how to do this. I...


Counter Silence

My side of Otaku_Ninja's story Booming Silence

Maybe I over thought certain things, or I have been blind my whole life. Perhaps, I was crazy and judged too soon, on how I would live out my years. I was to be that old lady with the creepy house on the lonely hill, with several cats and two mean looking...

The Waiting Game

What If it is not okay

Did you ever play the waiting game?All the "what if's" filling your brain. To find out if something is wrong,The results often take so long. You're easily distracted,Wondering how you will be impacted. You pray to God that you are okay,Feeling sick in so...